Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Kids Get Confused in Public School

The Big Bang?

My teachers told this Fairy Tale
But forget to classify it thus
Called it Science that could not fail
And over it, made such a fuss.

Large quantities of nothing
Decided to pack in so tight
And then exploded all together
With not an argument or fight.

They told me that this formed gas
that flowed outward into space.
Then this hydrogen and helium,
shaped planets in their place.

Wait, they said, this was not fiction..
And only dimwits thought about God .
But doesn’t flowing require friction?
Movement in that? How Odd!

No they said, this is just science pure.
We aren’t sure how, but we know.
And its science you can be sure!
“The Theory” told us so!

But, I asked, because that is
What science was about,
Where did that energy come from
To ignite the nothing from without?

And how can an explosion
form that which you say is not,
make heat and so much density
When you said nothing got hot.

How can nothing get hot?
When there was zero to splatter?
How can nothing get dense?
In a vacuum that has no matter?

How can nothing decide to condense ?
And then decide to go blooey?
If gravity makes so much sense
This sure sounds a lot like hooey!

This theory appears to violate
the laws of physics you taught
I can’t begin to assimilate
This faith based theory you’ve bought.

So I’ll answer questions by way of compliance
I’ll learn the terms with precise diction,
And laugh at something taught as science.
But really was just science fiction.

By Cathe Frederic
aka The ShrubBunny

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